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Fuer Historike: Boonton...


Heinz Schmitz

\"Boonton Radio Corporation the Notebook All 36 Issues 1954-65
With Index

S. 12 (von 308)
An introduction to Boonton Radio Corporation
Companies, like people, have characteristics which identify
them. From its formation to the present time, the Boonton
Radio Corporation built products of high quality. No attempt
has been made to produce cheap instruments and the quality
and usefulness per invested dollar has been kept high. Close
tolerances, high stability, mechanical soundness, and broad
applicability have all been built into the Company\'s

\"The company was founded in 1934 by William D. Loughlin and
others in Boonton, New Jersey. The company developed and
manufactured many innovative instruments, the most
significant (and earliest) being the Q meter. The instruments
they developed were mostly used for measuring for radio
... In 1959, Hewlett-Packard purchased Boonton Radio
Corporation as a \"wholly owned subsidiary\"[1] and continued
to sell a number of its products, including the RX meter.[2]
Boonton Radio Corporation was the second acquisition HP made.

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